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Helping Investors Burned by Their Brokers

Whether holding fraudulent or negligent brokers responsible for their behavior, representing investors in arbitration or mediation, or litigating complex business cases, a lawyer’s experience matters. Diligent securities fraud attorney Steve A. Buchwalter has more than 20 years of experience helping clients throughout Los Angeles County, including Beverly Hills and Pasadena, as well as elsewhere in Southern California. He has appeared before the United States Senate as their expert witness regarding broker practices. Furthermore, Los Angeles securities lawyer Steve A. Buchwalter has real-world experience as a formerly licensed commodity trading advisor and a stockbroker. In fact, every member of our staff shares a background as licensed stockbrokers. As a result, our firm understands the intricacies of securities law and the legal issues that our clients face.

Advice for Victims of Stock Fraud

State and federal securities laws require financial professionals to serve their clients with integrity and competence. Under these provisions, investors can hold brokers accountable for losses caused by fraud, misrepresentations, or omissions. Financial advisors who are either located in California or serve residents of this state must abide by Cal. Corp. Code § 25401, which prohibits them from making false statements or omitting important information in the course of selling a security. The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 provides investors similar protections that are enforceable in federal courts, although California law is generally more favorable for someone bringing a claim.

California law also protects investors from broker negligence. Some examples of this impermissible behavior include failing to complete due diligence on potential investments or suggesting investments that are plainly inappropriate for a specific client.

Investors who bring a successful case against a fraudulent or negligent broker are entitled to damages equal to the money that they have lost, plus interest.

Representation in Alternative Dispute Resolution

Many investment firms have their clients sign arbitration or mediation agreements, which require the parties to resolve future disputes outside the state or federal court system. Mediation is an informal process where the parties negotiate through a third party, called a mediator. If the parties are able to resolve the dispute, mediation can save both sides time and money. If not, litigation may be the next step.

Arbitration can be thought of as an informal trial that takes place outside the court system. In an arbitration hearing, both parties present their case to a neutral person or panel of people, who determine the outcome of the case. In many cases, the arbitrators’ decision is binding and not subject to appeal.

In either arbitration or mediation, the parties can represent themselves or choose to hire an attorney. It is almost always in an investor’s best interest to retain knowledgeable legal counsel for representation in mediation or arbitration. Brokerage firms spend huge amounts of money on legal defense, so a Los Angeles securities attorney can help level the playing field for individual investors trying to hold them accountable.

Business and Civil Litigation

Our firm has valuable experience outside the realm of securities law. Businesses of all types come to us for help with handling breach of contract, partnership dispute, non-compete enforcement, and other matters. Almost every entity relies on contracts, whether to define relationships with clients, purchase goods or services from vendors, or specify the roles and rights of their owners. These arrangements are easy to form, and even verbal contracts may be enforceable as long as the legal requirements are met. This makes it very important to understand your obligations under any agreements that may affect you.

Employees and businesses also need to be familiar with employment law. Employers must be cognizant of their obligations under California and federal statutes, including minimum wage and overtime requirements. Similarly, workers should be aware of their rights so that they can take appropriate steps against companies that infringe on them. Our strong record in employment litigation includes the largest individual (non-class or representative action) judgment in California, a $4.1 billion award.

Discuss Your Investment Fraud Claim with a Knowledgeable Orange County Attorney

If the future of your business rides on a pending lawsuit, or your financial security was jeopardized by an unscrupulous broker, it may be difficult to know where to turn. Experienced investment fraud lawyer Steve A. Buchwalter has advised many residents of Orange County and the surrounding areas on their rights and options. To schedule a free case evaluation, call 818-501-8987 or complete our online contact form. Generally, investors are represented on a contingency basis, which means you do not have to pay attorney fees unless there is a recovery.