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Located in Encino, California, the Law Offices of Steve A. Buchwalter, P.C., provide comprehensive securities and business law services to people in the Los Angeles area. Our practice encompasses:

  • Securities Law — We provide quality, experienced legal services for investor and stockbroker disputes. Failure to retain the services of highly skilled legal counsel in a securities law matter could result in an outcome that is unfair and unreasonable. Securities Law is a technical, highly specialized area of the law. Mr. Buchwalter and his knowledgeable staff all have experience as licensed stockbrokers at some point in their career. In fact, Mr. Buchwalter was invited by the United States Senate to testify at a hearing regarding stockbroker disputes.

  • Business and Corporations Law — From the simple to the complex, the Law Offices of Steve A. Buchwalter, P.C., services range from ordinary incorporations to advanced mergers and spin-offs. It is imperative to retain the services of legal counsel, even if the matter seems uncomplicated, because of the numerous legal requirements.

  • Civil Litigation — We devote approximately eighty-five percent of our practice to civil litigation, primarily in the area of securities law, as well as business and corporation matters. Litigation involves either the commencing of a lawsuit or defense of a lawsuit. Usually lawsuits are resolved prior to going to trial, either through traditional negotiations or through Alternative Dispute Resolution, such as arbitration or mediation.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) — We are experienced in both trial work and arbitration and mediation. We had the highest judgment in California, in an employment law case that was resolved through arbitration.
California Contract Disputes Lawyer

From investment fraud to contract disputes, our law firm has the experience and dedication that you are looking for. Contact our business and securities lawyer today. Located in Encino, California, we represent clients throughout the Los Angeles area.